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Exclusive: North Korea tells China of preparations for fresh nuclear test – source

16 Feb


China - North Korea(Reuters) – North Korea has told its key ally, China, that it is prepared to stage one or even two more nuclear tests this year in an effort to force the United States into diplomatic talks, said a source with direct knowledge of the message.

Further tests could also be accompanied this year by another rocket launch, said the source, who has direct access to the top levels of government in both Beijing and Pyongyang. Continue reading


Barack Obama to protect Japan with american atomic shield

14 Feb

indexBarack Obama reaffirmed Wednesday, U.S. commitment to protect Japan including U.S. nuclear shieldafter North Korea conducted a nuclear test on Tuesday, during a telephone conversation with Japanese Prime Minister, according to AFP.

Obama and Shinzo Abe, expected to visit Washington late this month, spoked about the North Korean nuclear test and the appropriate response for the violation of international obligations by North Korea,” White house said in a statement. Continue reading

The U.S. has a hidden fortune of 128,000 billion eight times the national debt

6 Feb

ka-chingUnited States have wealth less known by many of 128,000 billion, represented by the country’s mineral resources and energy concessions, this value being about eight times higher than the national debt.

U.S. debt now stands at over 16,000 billion. Continue reading

Congressional leaders to meet with President Obama tomorrow

28 Dec

Fiscal CliffBarack Obama will meet congressional leaders on Friday as members of the House of Representatives prepare to return to Washington for a last-ditch attempt to head off the year-end fiscal cliff budget crisis.

Republican speaker John Boehner said the House will reconvene on Sunday evening, with less than 30 hours until the US reaches the fiscal cliff deadline. Boehner warned politicians they may be working through next Friday – after the 31 December deadline – to reach a deal to avert massive tax hikes and spending cuts

With five days to reach a political solution, Nevada senator Reid said the deadline would probably be missed. “It looks like that’s where we’re headed”, he said on the Senate floor on Thursday. “The American people are waiting for the ball to drop, but it’s not going to be a good drop.”

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