Barack Obama to protect Japan with american atomic shield

14 Feb

indexBarack Obama reaffirmed Wednesday, U.S. commitment to protect Japan including U.S. nuclear shieldafter North Korea conducted a nuclear test on Tuesday, during a telephone conversation with Japanese Prime Minister, according to AFP.

Obama and Shinzo Abe, expected to visit Washington late this month, spoked about the North Korean nuclear test and the appropriate response for the violation of international obligations by North Korea,” White house said in a statement.

Obama reaffirmed that the United States remains firm in their commitment to protect Japan, including through nuclear “shield”offered by U.S. shows the release.

Obama and Abe have pledged to cooperate closely in order to find an adequate response within UN Security Council.”

According to an official from the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Shinzo Abe spoked Wednesday with South Korean President Lee Myung-bak.

Japan and South Korea are two of the closest neighbors of North Korea and most threatened by possible aspirations of the regime in Pyongyang.

In his State of the Union on Tuesday night, President Barack Obama promised a “strong actionagainst challenges” from North Korea, which had made the third nuclear test a few hours before Obama’s speach .

This test had a superior power to the previous two in 2006 and 2009 and caused a wave of condemnation and a backlash in UN.

UN Security Council had an emergency joint – whose presidency is currently held by South Korea – and has strongly condemned” the new nuclear test and said it would take appropriate measures” through a new resolution.


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