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Patience and Discipline Psychology.

10 Dec

PsychologyAll humans (including new traders and professional traders alike) experience emotions (often whether they like it or not), and trading is one activity that can elicit many different emotions and rather strong emotionss (like many monetary activities). As a result, new traders and professional traders alike, should know that their emotions are going to affect their trading whether they like it or not. In response, professional traders either have or develop personalities that allow them to overcome their emotions and trade profitably. Two of the most important such personality traits are patience and discipline, because they allow a trader to handle one of the most difficult aspects of trading (i.e. waiting for their next trade). Continue reading

Money Management (III)

2 Dec

money-managementAs a trader I need to keep in mind that even the most successful system will have series of losses. This is called Drawdown and it is part of life. I am mentally prepared that this is going to happen sooner or later,  it helps me prepare and control my risk. When I look at my equity curve and it points up steadily over the period of time, I know that I’ve been disciplined and successful in controlling risk.  This gives the confidence a boost beyond imagination. Getting into the zone and acquiring trader’s mindset will take time, here are tips that may help:

  • Try to be calm when trading. If your mind is occupied with some other concern than try to avoid trading until things settle down and you believe that you can trade calmly.
  • Develop ability to focus on present reality and not how you would like reality to be. No one can see the future, so try not to predict it.
  • Understand that  making money is not the only point. I personally don’t look at dollars when trading, I look at pips and keep a log in pips made or lost.
  • There is always room to learn more. Never stop your self from reading more, keep your updated with news at all times.
  • Being open minded, keep opinions to a minimum. Don’t let others opinion affect you before you make a trading decision.
  • Avoid anger at all cost.
  • Learn to enjoy the process and make trading as your passion.
  • Only trade one system or method at a time. What hurts the novice traders the most is the impatience when testing a system. Stick to one system at one point of time.
  • Understand that we cannot control or conquer the market. Market is so big that no one can really control who wins and who lose.
  • Stop feeling that brokers or market has taken you for a ride. There is no conspiracy, there is hidden agenda. Stop feeling that you are being cheated by the market.
  • When it goes bad, take responsibility of the results. Don’t blame market, broker or some one else for your loses. Accept your losses and move on.
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