The U.S. has a hidden fortune of 128,000 billion eight times the national debt

6 Feb

ka-chingUnited States have wealth less known by many of 128,000 billion, represented by the country’s mineral resources and energy concessions, this value being about eight times higher than the national debt.

U.S. debt now stands at over 16,000 billion.

In the underground federal authorities have the rights to lease the mineral and energy resources from which collects royalties, rents and bonuses,” according to Institute for Energy Research, an energy industry in the U.S., quoted by Business Insider.

According to their estimates, the assets are valued at 128.000 billion.

Some of the resources may be leased “with the aid of appropriate policies of the state” to bring state and federal authorities an estimated € 150 billion dollars in 10 years for natural gas and oil, only by the Congressional Budget Office, a fedearal agency that provides economic data to Congress.

Figure does not include taxes and other benefits arising from exploitation of these resources.


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