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Another war? The U.S. will send Patriot air defense missiles, 400 American troops to Turkey to protect against a possible Syrian missile attack: Pentagon

15 Dec

Turkey patriotsGermany and the Netherlands will also send troops to Turkey for an undetermined period, security officials said.

U.S. troops are headed for Turkey, it was announced Friday, to help protect against escalating violence in Syria, where Syrian President Bashar Assad’s supporters pledged their allegiance to the ruler.

Defense Secretary Leon Panetta signed a deployment order en route to Turkey from Afghanistan calling for 400 U.S. soldiers to operate two batteries of Patriots at undisclosed locations in Turkey, Pentagon press secretary George Little told reporters flying with Panetta.

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Later edit: Iranian Army chief says Patriot missiles in Turkey would set stage for “world war” – ISNA News Agency


NATO gives go-ahead for deployment of patriot missiles to Turkey – NATO official

4 Dec

Turkey patriots

“Turkey has requested Patriot assets to protect their population and territory,” said Canadian army Lt. Col. Jay Janzen, a NATO spokesman. He added that none of the discussions touched on other possible uses. Military officials said it will probably take several weeks to put the Patriots in place, particularly if the German and Dutch parliaments have to sign off on the moves. Contributing nations may request strict terms for their deployment — for example, insisting that they only be used for defensive purposes.

After Turkey asked NATO for Patriots last month, the alliance dispatched a team to survey potential sites to place them near the southeastern border. The group included military personnel from the three NATO members that could easily deploy the defenses to the Turkish border: the United States, Germany and the Netherlands.

The Turks have provided support and a safe haven to Syrian rebel leaders, drawing rebukes from Damascus and its allies, Iran and Russia. Both nations also have criticized the Turkish request for Patriots, saying it could inflame matters.

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