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Barack Obama to protect Japan with american atomic shield

14 Feb

indexBarack Obama reaffirmed Wednesday, U.S. commitment to protect Japan including U.S. nuclear shieldafter North Korea conducted a nuclear test on Tuesday, during a telephone conversation with Japanese Prime Minister, according to AFP.

Obama and Shinzo Abe, expected to visit Washington late this month, spoked about the North Korean nuclear test and the appropriate response for the violation of international obligations by North Korea,” White house said in a statement. Continue reading


Discussions are underway in the U.S., the source of rapid change of sentiment.

4 Dec

Stock markets have endured difficult assault vendors in this afternoon. The White House has rejected a proposal submitted by the Republican deficit reduction, involving tax increases of 800 billion dollars. Growing nervousness can lead to emotional reactions, easy to see in the last month of the year. In U.S. markets, industry, and especially banking had won due to expectations of tighter banking union in Europe. Trading Nasdaq 100 index suffered from contraction of Apple shares. Downward trends were driven by a negative recommendation but also the overall pessimistic view manager Pimco, the largest bond fund in the world.

However is not everything lost: President meets with governors of both parties to discern ways to reduce the deficit states. Steps towards a compromise would be welcomed by markets. WATCH LIVE president Obama .

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