EU budget rejected by European Parliament

13 Mar

E.U. budgetEuropean Parliament rejects the conclusions of the European Council (heads of State or Government of the EU) from 8 February when it was established the multiannual financial budget for 2014-2020, which could overturn the compromise reached in February regarding the distribution of EU funds.
Today the P
arliament voted by a large majority (506 votes for and 161 against) a resolution rejecting the conclusions of the Summit in February, indicating that most of the voters disagree with the 2014-2020 multi-annual budget  wich must be agreed by Parliament in Strasbourg to take effect. If a solution is not reached until the end of the year, it will be established the 2013 EU budget, which complicates things as multiannual financial budget 2014-2020 is different from the financial year 2007-2014.
Moreover, the rejection by Parliament of the MFB (multiannual financial budget) was anticipated early in February by Martin Schulz, President of the European Parliament.
Parliament is unhappy that the EU budget has been reduced with 960 billion in seven years for the first time in EU history. If there will not be a compromise and the Parliament will oppose they will reach a deadlock. The budget will be approved each year which will generate tensions everytime between EU members, some will complain that they received too little while others that have contributed with to much.


2 Responses to “EU budget rejected by European Parliament”

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