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Common Forex trading mistakes and traps

31 Jan

Common Forex trading mistakes and traps

There are common mistakes and ‘traps’ that give nearly all traders trouble at some point in their trading careers. So, let’s cover the most common mistakes that traders make which keep them from making money in the markets: Continue reading


Technical Analysis (Part 2)

31 Jan


Continued from Part 1

So what is the advantage in technical analysis?

As it is this human element that moves price, the nature of the market can to a certain extent be predicted, but only over the long term. Let me illustrate this point with a simple example. Call 50 people and we could comfortably predict that a good portion of them, say 50% to 60%, would answer with the classic “hello”. So natural is this response that most would be willing to bet a wager on this. But here is the catch; it is not guaranteed what each individual will say, rather similar to flipping a coin and guessing heads or tails. However, over a large number of guesses we will be correct around 50% of the time. Continue reading

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