Berlusconi’s party withdraws support for Monti in senate vote, could lead to fall of the government and snap elections

6 Dec

Berlusconi vs. MontiAfter a meeting yesterday, Berlusconi announced that he felt forced to stand for reelection as Prime Minister of Italy once more because the country was on the edge of an abyss- an indirect reference to the belt tightening policies of the Mario Monti government and the recession Italy now finds itself in.  Berlusconi also claimed he’s being encouraged to make a comeback by those fearful for Italy’s future.

While the tanned media mogul claims he wants to save Italy, there are other reasons why Berlusconi wants to make a bid for power:

  • Berlusconi wants to reform Italy’s legal system – not for the good of Italy, but to save himself from a string of legal woes ranging from tax evasion to the sordid bunga bunga underage sex accusations.
  • The Berlusconi Mediaset empire is losing money.  Being back in power would allow Berlusconi to pass laws to protect his business empire.
  • Electoral reforms, if they ever happen, may make it impossible for Berlusconi to win elections ever again – so bringing down Monti before the reforms happen is in Berlusconi’s interests (And not only – Italy’s centre-left benefits from current electoral laws).
  • Other reforms, if they pass, will exclude those with a criminal record from standing for election to Italy’s parliament.  Should such a reform pass, Berlusconi would not be able to nominate certain ‘friends’ to key positions. If this materializes Eur/Usd will get hit by bears

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