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Bank of England meeting report:

21 Nov
  • monetary policy committee voted 9-0 to keep the benchmark interest rate;
  • monetary policy committee decided, by 8 votes to 1 against to maintain the asset purchase program at 375 billion. pounds;
  • David Miles voted to increase by 25 billion. pound asset purchase program;
  • Commission assumed that there might be grounds for additional stimulation;
  • possible additional measures to stimulate the British economy could prevent loss and may affect the pound assessment;
  • impact of quantitative easing on asset prices may be more significant than previously;
  • is unlikely that the reference interest rate to be diminished in the near future;
  • inflation in 2013 could exceed 2%;
  • Commission supports a likelihood decline in UK GDP on Q4;
  • short-term GDP will grow insignificant;
  • There is a risk that the UK economy to record a small increase, but sustainable.
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